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Hiking across Germany on a Green Carpet

Schwierigkeit Schwer
Länge 1021.5 km Dauer 334:26 h
Aufstieg 20674 m Abstieg 20406 m
Höchster Punkt 1177 m Niedrigster Punkt 66 m

I tried to connect different European hiking trails, Pilgrims routes, nature paths and other regional trails to find my way through Germany. Towards the Bodensee.

Eigenschaften Etappentour, aussichtsreich, geologische Highlights, faunistische Highlights, Einkehrmöglichkeit, kulturell / historisch, botanische Highlights
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The route might look a bit strange in the middle, because I crossed the Pfalz from two different directions. Why? That's a long story which you can read here (in Dutch). The result is an extra long route. In this list you can find all the seperate day-stages.

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